Let Me Tell You With My Words…

I am a man who does things on a computer which are not easy to describe in a single label that would be useful.

If you are a carpenter —like my father was— you can say what you do in one word and be done with it.

But any attempt to single-wordify my craft would sound daft.

  • I am not a web designer, but I do design websites.
  • I am not a copywriter, but I do write copy that deliberately leads the human toward a decision I want them to make.
  • I am no server admin, but I have enough experience to administrate my servers to do what I want.

You can point your browser to things I’ve made, and other humans have done just that. Probably half a million or so souls have read my words, 99% of which found the words through a Google search.

Which also means I know search engine trickery to help pages get found.

What else?

I have created digital courses, set up membership sites, and carried out email marketing —and therefore list building etc.— to create passive income streams.

And so I have marketing experience and blah blah blah.

What do I do? Lot’s of things. There was that time I was a business coach.

In short, I connect the dots to get the result I want in most cases. And web design, copywriting, SEO, conversion optimisation, market research, competitor analysis, email marketing, and all the silly annoying technical stuff that hooks all the moving parts together… are merely the dots I had to learn to connect to do that.

And these skills —and more— I now offer to you 🙂