I Love Words, and You Do, Too

As you read these words, notice how easy and freeing the experience feels. It is effortless. And already, the first paragraph ends.

What else do you notice?

Cast your eyes at what isn’t here:

  • No image to scroll past to get to the words;
  • No gifs stealing your attention;
  • No auto-play video consuming your bandwidth…

Just words.

Shouldn’t Your Words Do the Talking?

I think so.

The trouble is, many web designs —in their race to out-glamour the competition— put your beautiful words last.

After all, every non-word element added to the page will fight for attention, forming the visual clutter the words must compete against.

The result? The reader is distracted from enjoying the message.

So if your words are to lead? Then lead, they must!

Typography Is the Name of Your Game

The words you are now reading are placed precisely on the page and are formatted with Golden Ratio Typography. This is why you feel relaxed and encouraged to keep reading.

The font sizes, line heights, and spacing units are drawn meticulously with golden ratio typographic proportions. The science of which ensures the words are perfect.

Yes, the web design you are experiencing here is devoted to the words.

Let’s Put Your Words First

Your website’s job is to transmit your words into the hearts and minds of your prospects and clients.

To shine at this, your web pages must present your message in the proven aesthetically pleasing way human brains respond to.

Relatedly —

Most modern web browsers today have a “reader view” mode which strips out the page’s unnecessary background clutter to make the article easier to read.

The layout and font size are adjusted so as to literally lower cognitive stress on the poor reader.

You might have used the feature yourself.

Well, I believe the readability-mode should be the default mode of all word-first websites.

What about you?

Crisp, Fast, and Daringly Affordable

It’s a special thing indeed.

When beautiful copy —precisely placed— is delivered in a snap

You strike a magical combination that delights your reader.

You gift your audience with what they want, and will enjoy, without making them wait for it…

And this is the bar I set for all of my website projects.

Oh. And without breaking the bank, either.

(More on that shortly!)

Let’s first address the elephant in the room…

Easy to Manage and Maintain

The horror stories are real.

When you take on a visually-busy website, don’t be surprised to find your web pages are tricky to edit and update.

Sadly, this is a common complaint.

And when you feel frustrated, your creativity suffers, too. Turning a source of pleasure —your online platform— into pain.


I say, “no, thank you!”

Instead, with my elegant and straightforward approach, publishing and updating web pages is no big deal at all.

(You’re welcome.)

Built With Purpose

I daringly ask, “what has to be on this page to fulfil its purpose?

The answer to this informs the design. Everything else is a distraction.

This is how you help your prospect or customer perform your most wanted action on each page of your website.

Whether that is to pick up the phone, go through checkout, or fill in your form…

The goal is to remove all the barriers from that happening.

I continually strive to reduce the cognitive load on the web visitor at every stage.

I do the same for my clients’ websites, too.

Get Your Own Wordsmith-Friendly Website

If you would like a words-first design for your words-first service?

I would love to accommodate you!

My web pages load instantly and present the audience with exactly what they came to consume.

If this appeals, then check my…

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