Your Website Is Never Finished

It is helpful to remember that a website is never finished (as such.) In fact, you might look at it like this:

  • Stage 1: the website is published and online, ready for visitors;
  • Stage 2: everything that happens after stage 1 (improvements, additions, modifications, more content, iterations, technical updates, etc.)

Like the website you are viewing now, it hit a rough stage 1 point about 5 days ago. It’s alive! And you can browse it. But, it is not finished. It is now in stage 2 (where it will remain for infinity.)

If a website is built and launched (stage 1) but never touched again, it may wither.

The advantage of the way I design and build my dastardly simple websites is they are easy-to-nurture.

So your future self —and whoever works on your website— will thank you 🙂

Quality is more than worth the effort.