Get to the Point…

Visitors care most about the information they seek.

And more than ever, they care how quickly you provide it.

“53% of mobile site users leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.”

[Source: Google]

Flashy design for flashy-design sake is an interruption in our mobile-first / “tell me now” world.

And, inside the small window of the mobile phone —the largest segment of your website audience— a bloated custom design fights against the constraints of what can fit in our hands.

When comparing different web pages, you must be careful. The more visually impressive a web page is, the more expensive in data it is. The question is, what does the page need to perform its job?

Complex and flashy designs carry a penalty in slower loading times, and are therefore a costly design choice.

Put your visitors first, not your ego.

With my approach, speed and clarity reign supreme by design.

Speaking of design…

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