I Strive for Top Marks

Did you know?

Google has a tool that audits the quality of your web page.

It’s called Lighthouse.

This tool spits out a score from 0-100 in four categories:

  1. Performance;
  2. Accessibility;
  3. Best Practices;
  4. SEO

The recommendations given by Lighthouse will only become more important over time, just as the “more speed” message has.

Of course, this website is a significantly stripped-back website, and deliberately so.

I make performance-first websites!

So, you’d expect it to score well.

See the image for the result:

Google Lighthouse Audit Score for Dastardly Daring

Top marks! 100 across the board 🎉

Psst: If you’re still reading?

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Swap in your logo (or I’ll create you one) and put in your content, and tweak the colours to YOUR brand…

And away you go 🙂

Yes. You too can enjoy the same awesomeness.


And, this design works especially well for presenting your message in a way that is most pleasing to your audience.

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