Let’s Talk About Websites

What is evident to some is a revelation to others:

You want your website to work for you!

OK. But what does that look like?

I have a few ideas.

First, each page should be assigned a job. Just like each employee is assigned a task in a profitable company.

Why build a page if it has not been given a task?

Start by asking the question:

“What job has this page been hired to do?”

The answer informs what must belong on the page. And in turn, what does not!

Once you know the purpose of a web page, you will also know what elements your page requires.

Next, you must give thought to how you will present those elements. What you offer on the page, along with the order you present it in, will affect how well the page will perform.

In particular, your words will be the most important ingredient on the page when it comes to generating results.

Handily, I take all of the above —and more— into consideration when building websites for my clients.

I make web pages that evoke an on-the-spot response from the human on the other side of the screen.

And clarity trumps all.

By making each page focused on a single goal ensures the reader’s attention is maximised accordingly.

So remember:

When you next get a website built, recognise how every page has its purpose, and must not be troubled to do any more than that.

If you want your website to work for you, that is.

And if you want me to take care of this for you?

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