Every Business Should Have a Website

It’s true.

Yet many are reticent to do so for reasons including:

  • Overwhelmed by technical obstacles;
  • Don’t feel “big enough” to warrant the effort;
  • Too busy running their business!

These reasons melt-away in light of the following:

Problem: Overwhelmed by technical obstacles

Solution: Leave the technical stuff to someone else (hi.) Your job is to run your business.

Problem: Don’t feel “big enough”

The size of your company is irrelevant. Everyone should have a website. You don’t need to be Amazon.

Problem: Too busy running your business

Of course you are busy. This is why you leave the web building to someone else.

Leave It To Me

I’ll gather the most important details about you and your services. Nothing exotic. Just the bits that matter.

Your investment: £200 + £20/year.

That’s it.

You probably don’t need a big website. A one-page website focuses your attention to what matters most. If you want to expand down-the-road, then so be it.

A SPOTLIGHT one-page website is a great place to start.

And it is perfect for sending eyeballs to (e.g., dropping your web address in Facebook groups, on Twitter, IG… and printing on your business cards, signs, and adverts, etc.)

Note: The SPOTLIGHT website price includes everything. There are no hidden fees.

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How To Start?

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