Website Plans: Get a Faster Website Than Your Competitors

Google research shows:

“53% of mobile site visitors leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.”

Well damn.

It’s handy to know I only make websites which load in under 3 seconds, then.

On a mobile 3G “FAST” connection 🙂

But this is not an easy task.

It requires making tough choices.

And, not all clients *want* to make said choices. And that’s fine. But the decision will be made intelligently.

Sub-Three Seconds

Making web pages load in under three seconds on a 3G “FAST” connection requires courage.

Why? Because our egos want us to go to town with the visuals.

This is why many websites take longer than three seconds to load, even on a fast cable connection. Let alone a mobile.

To achieve sub-three second load-times on a moderate mobile connection requires certain constraints to be followed.

For example, it would be a poor use of the small “data budget” available to spend it on:

  • Pointless —and proven ineffective— image sliders;
  • Large “hero” images;
  • GIFS or looping video backgrounds…

And so clearly, this is not for most people.

It is for the 5%.

More details to follow, but here are…

Shocking Website Packages You Can Buy Right Now

If you want a custom quote, then you are welcome to get in touch and start a dialogue.

However —

Below are two website packages you can purchase today. Yes, really. Consider these two options as reference packages which you can literally purchase right now, and then get exactly what is promised… shortly after.

These two options cover two scenarios, where either:

[1] You provide the content;


[2] I provide the content.

Let’s start with the first:

[1] You Provide the Content

Perfect for when “words speak louder than fancy doodads,” this is your chance to own a design unashamedly stolen from this very website.

Yes, really!

I then tailor the lines, colours, and typography —etc.— to match your brand and taste.

Let’s look at what you get:

  • A clean, precise, elegant design tailored to your needs;
  • A simple logo design (if you don’t have one);
  • A favicon —short for favourite icon— made from your logo;
  • Five pages (e.g., home / about / services / contact / samples);
  • 🔥 A sprinkle of my on-page SEO magic to all of your pages;
  • Built on WordPress (a popular CMS which makes it easy to edit and maintain your content, add more pages, and add-on functionality);
  • Configured to run FOCUS1, the fastest WordPress theme in the world2;
  • 😍 Your website will rock a conversion-focused mobile awesome design that will load in a snap!

This is an economical option made possible by leveraging the same design backbone I use myself, and asking you —the fantastic client— to provide the content.

With your content in hand, I carefully build each page ensuring your words are “set” just so.

Investment: £899 £699

Add to cart →

After purchase your website will be ready in ~10 days

The above asks you to provide the content.

But let’s now look at an option where I provide professional copywriting for you:

[2] I Provide the Content

  • You get everything as above, but…
  • Five pages handcrafted by me with professional copywriting all done-for-you;

You give me the type of pages and topics you desire, and I will write rank-worthy content you are proud to publish.

For this service, I:

  1. Research the current top performing web pages for your chosen topics;
  2. Use a selection of tools to guide my copywriting process to handcraft content in-line with what Google already ranks;
  3. Carefully lay out the words with zen-like obsession…

For your “about” page and homepage, I will research you and your service, and write to that accordingly.

Investment: £1799 £1499

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After purchase your website will be ready in ~4 weeks

Note: the specs given above are guidelines to “get things moving.” Most companies won’t give pricing upfront. And that’s understandable. It’s difficult to price “blind.” BUT, I also think it is terribly unfriendly to hide pricing completely.

Psst: All websites require on-going fees to run like the lights in your house do. Let me take care of that for you ↓

What Other Costs Are There?

You need a domain name ( and you need website hosting (somewhere to host your beautiful site.)

I offer a complete “done-for-you” website care plan to handle all of this and more:

  • Professional-grade web hosting;
  • The domain name (if you don’t already have one);
  • Regular maintenance to keep your software up to date for better security;
  • Two email accounts.

Price: £25/mo or £275/year (get 12 months for the cost of 11.)

Important: This service puts your website on a professional-grade server —not a crowded shared server— ensuring you get practically instant loading times.

This means your visitors have a better experience (which means you get more leads and sales.)

Plus, you can rest easy knowing I‘ll take care of things for you maintenance-wise, too. Every month I will check, maintain, and carry out software updates for you.

Note: You are welcome to have your website deployed on a web host of your choice and forgo my service. You can easily find cheaper hosting but with web hosting you get what you pay for 😉

How Fast Is Fast?

I strive for top marks:

Google Lighthouse Audit Score for Dastardly Daring

Unless you explicitly don’t want it, I will make sure your website loads in under 3 seconds on a mobile 3G connection.

“What If I Need Something Else?”

If you require a custom quote or you have questions…

Contact me ↓

Send Message

Serious enquiries will get a serious reply within 24 hours 🙂

Still here?

Check out the expanded details →

1 FOCUS is a premium WordPress theme that delivers precise typography, speed, with zero bloat (and lifetime updates.)

2 Fastest? Probably! As WordPress themes go, FOCUS is very lean indeed.