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Are you looking for website design in Mere, Wiltshire? How handy! I build modern, fast-loading websites right in the center of my historic town. So why not pop on over for a hot beverage to discuss web design?

Now, you should know upfront —

My passion is designing and building web pages that load quickly, are easy to consume, and serve a distinct purpose.

This is not how most websites are built.

Therefore you may not agree with my approach.

In fact, this page you are reading now shares the top values which I measure good web design by:

  1. Immediacy (a minimal delay in getting the content that matters in to your brain);
  2. Reader-mode by default (vividly clear and easy to read with minimal “noise”);
  3. One clear goal (good web design is purposeful web design that answers, “what job has this page been hired to do?”)

If you want a website that shares those values, keep reading.

Web Design for 2022 and Beyond

For 2022 and beyond it is only becoming more important to serve web pages as small and fast as possible while still fulfilling every page’s purpose for existing.

This includes delivering your information “appropriate for how the content will be consumed” — which in 2022 is a continuation of the growth of mobile devices.

As such, the web design I create in Mere is mobile first. Not just in the presentation of the content but also in consideration to the slower internet connection the users may be accessing it on.

Vertical design is in, horizontal is out.

Go on a Web Diet

What if you already have a website which you want to keep, but it is carrying too much weight?

Two broad options —

  1. I can optimise heavy and slow web pages to load faster (good for when you want to retain the theme or platform that runs your site at this time, or you do not have the resources for a complete overhaul);
  2. I can remake your web design from the ground up, either to match the look and feel you already have, or with a fresh look;

Sometimes we can take a heavy car and remove the unused seats and other frills, and the car will indeed be lighter (option #1.)

However, nothing is as fast as a car built from the ground up to be light (option #2.)

These are also easier to maintain…

Your Website Should Be Easy to Maintain

A website is never finished.

Once you have your website built, it stands to reason you will want to iterate your web content to keep it aligned with your evolving message, and the products and services you sell.

While you may choose to pay for the edits and updates, it will be an advantage if you have the option to carry out the work yourself.

Additionally, the simpler it is to maintain your website, the less expensive it will be to do so, period. Whether in your own time and energy (“Do-It-Yourself”) or in the expense of outside help (“Done-For-You.”)

For ease of maintenance, I recommend WordPress.

Your Website Should Be Fast

I’ve been building web sites for 20 years. And in the past 18 months or so, there has been a shift from, “how fancy can you make it?” to “how fast can it load?”

Clients hire me to carry out speed conversions because they are fed up with the bloat.

And, the best results by far are obtained when I perform a hyper-lightweight remake of their pages.

In some cases, the web pages I build can contain all the code necessary in the page itself. Built from the ground up, assembled into HTML, with CSS added accordingly, and finally JS (where necessary.)

Responsible. Accessible. FAST.

If you want a big fancy web design with all the bells and whistles? I’m not for you.


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Mere is a small town and civil parish in Wiltshire, England.

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