Get a Faster Website Than Your Competitors

Below are two word-friendly website packages you can purchase today. These two options cover two scenarios:

  1. You want to provide your own content;
  2. You do not want to provide your own content!

Let’s start with the first:

Content Supplied by You

Perfect for when “words speak louder than fancy doodads,” this is your chance to own a design unashamedly stolen from this very website.

Yes, really!

I then tailor the lines, colours, and typography —etc.— to match your brand and taste.

Let’s look at what you get:

  • A clean, precise, elegant design tailored to your needs;
  • A simple logo design (if you don’t have one);
  • A favicon —short for favourite icon— made from your logo;
  • Five pages (e.g., home / about / services / contact / samples);
  • 🔥 A sprinkle of my on-page SEO magic to all of your pages;
  • Built on WordPress (a popular CMS which makes it easy to edit and maintain your content, add more pages, and add-on functionality);
  • Configured to run FOCUS1, the fastest WordPress theme in the world2;
  • 😍 Your website will rock a conversion-focused mobile awesome design that will load in a snap!

This is an economical option made possible by leveraging the same design backbone I use myself, and asking you —the fantastic client— to provide the content.

With your content in hand, I carefully build each page ensuring your words are “set” just so.

Price: £499

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After purchase your website will be ready in ~10 days

The second option:

Professional Copywriting Done-For-You

  • As above, but…
  • Seven pages handcrafted by me with professional copywriting all done-for-you;

You give me the type of pages and topics you desire, and I will write rank-worthy content you are proud to publish.

For this service, I:

  1. Research the current top performing web pages for your chosen topics;
  2. Use a selection of tools to guide my copywriting process to handcraft content in-line with what Google already ranks;
  3. Carefully lay out the words with zen-like obsession…

For your “about” page and homepage, I will research you and your service, and write to that accordingly.

Price: £1299 £999

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After purchase your website will be ready in ~2 weeks

What Other Costs Are There?

You need a domain name (, and you need website hosting (somewhere to host your beautiful site.)

I offer a complete “done-for-you” website care plan to handle all of this and more:

  • Professional-grade web hosting;
  • The domain name (if you don’t already have one);
  • Regular maintenance to keep your software up to date for better security;
  • Two email accounts.

Price: £25/mo or £275/year (get 12 months for the cost of 11.)

Important: This service puts your website on a professional-grade server —not a crowded shared server— ensuring you get practically instant loading times.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing I‘ll take care of things for you maintenance-wise, too. Every month I will check, maintain, and carry out software updates for you.

Note: You are welcome to have your website deployed on a web host of your choice and forgo my service. You can easily find cheaper hosting but with web hosting you get what you pay for 😉

How Fast Is Fast?

I strive for top marks:

Google Lighthouse Audit Score for Dastardly Daring

“What If I Need Something Else?”

If you require a custom quote or you have questions…

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1 FOCUS is a premium WordPress theme that delivers precise typography, speed, with zero bloat (and lifetime updates.)

2 Fastest? Probably! As WordPress themes go, FOCUS is very lean indeed.