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If you are looking for a web design service in the beautiful City of Bath? Hello! It is “me” you are looking for 🙂

I do web design a bit differently than most.

In fact, you should know upfront —

My passion is to design and build websites that load very quickly, which are easy to consume, and which serve a distinct purpose.

And at first? You could well think this is the norm (or should be.)


This is not how most websites are built.

My approach is therefore uncommon.

This page you are now reading shares the top values I measure good web design by:

  1. Immediacy (a minimal delay in getting the content that matters into your brain);
  2. Reader-mode by default (vividly clear and easy to read with minimal “noise”);
  3. One clear goal (good web design is purposeful web design that answers, “what job has this page been hired to do?”)

If you want your web pages to share those same values, keep reading!

Web Design for 2022 and Beyond

In 2022 and beyond it is important to serve web pages as small and as fast as you can while still fulfilling the page’s purpose for existing.

Many web pages today load unnecessary “doodads” which distract and delay the site visitor from getting the value they came for.

My approach is to put the visitor first.

This includes presenting your information “appropriate to how the content will be consumed.” Which in 2022 is a continuation of the growth of mobile devices.

As such, web design for companies in Bath must serve mobile users first. Not just in the presentation of the content but also in respect to the slower internet connection some may be accessing it on.

Vertical design is in, horizontal is out.

Mobile Responsive or Mobile First?

Let’s clarify these two terms:

Responsive web design adapts the layout and content on the page to fit a variety of screen sizes. This typically starts with the desktop user first (the web developer sits at a desktop and creates the design for the desktop.)

After this is done, rules are added to cater for the smaller screen sizes (by reducing the size of elements or removing parts as the viewing port shrinks.)

The mobile first design strategy differs by focusing on the mobile screen first. And then adapting for the desktop where necessary (if at all.)

By building the canonical experience for the largest segment of the market (smartphones) first, and then incorporating progressive enhancement for larger screen sizes, you ensure there is no data or feature loss for the mobile user.

I use the mobile-first approach. I ensure there is no disparity between the desktop and mobile version of the web pages I build.

This is all the more important now Google has announced that March 2022 is the date for the mobile first index. This means desktop-only sites will be dropped from the index. And, any aspects which are only shown in the desktop version will be dropped as well.

Go on a Web Diet

What if you have a website which you want to keep, but it is carrying too much weight?

Two broad options —

  1. I can optimise heavy and slow web pages to load faster (good for when you want to retain the theme or platform that runs your site at this time, or you do not have the resources for a complete overhaul);
  2. I can remake your web design from the ground up, either to match the look and feel you already have, or with a fresh look;

Sometimes we can take a heavy car and remove the unused seats and other frills, and the car will be lighter (option #1.)

However, nothing is as fast as a car built from the ground up to be light (option #2.)

These are also easier to maintain…

Your Website Should Be Easy to Maintain

A website is never finished.

Once you have your website built, it only makes sense you will want to iterate your web content. Both to keep it aligned with your evolving message, and to reflect the products and services you sell.

This is simply good marketing.

And while you may choose to outsource the edits and updates to a 3rd party, it will be an advantage to have the option to carry out the updates yourself.

Further, the simpler it is to maintain your website, the less expensive it will be to do so. Whether in your own time and energy (“Do-It-Yourself”) or in the expense of outside help (“Done-For-You.”)

For ease of maintenance, I recommend WordPress. And I recommend I build it 😉

Your Website Should Be Fast

I have been building websites for 20 years. And in the past 18 months or so, there has been a shift from, “how fancy can you make it?” to “how fast can it load?”

Clients hire me to carry out speed conversions because they are fed up with the bloat.

Of course, the best results by far are obtained when I build the website from scratch.

In short, if you want an unnecessarily big and fancy web design with all the bells and whistles? I’m not for you.


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Bath is the largest city in the county of Somerset, England, known for and named after its Roman-built baths.

Web Design in Bath, Somerset