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If you are reading this page, then your website has a major fault

Whilst doing research last year, I found an issue which affects a large number of therapy websites.

And sadly, this includes yours :-/

The issue is:

Google (and humans alike) can not load your homepage!

Yes, your homepage is broke.

Worse, in the machine language of the web, your website is —and has been— instructing Google (and other Search Engines) that your homepage —the most important page on your website— doesn’t exist.

Yes. Not joking.

And yes, this impairs the visibility of your website online.

Let me share an image with you to illustrate.

This is ONE of the affected websites. Your website is doing the same thing:

Check this —

Redirect Issue Problem

What this image shows is the journey the browser takes when loading the website.

Worryingly, it tells us the following:

  1. When Google attempts to load they are informed this location —the homepage— does not exist, and that it has permanently moved to
  2. When Google then attempts to load it is next informed this page is temporarily unavailable right now, and to “please go to instead” …
  3. Finally, when Google arrives at it is informed “all is ok!”

Hopefully that makes sense, and you can see that what is happening here is odd and not helpful to you! 🙁

(I am one of those annoying SEO / digital marketing types who finds this stuff interesting… my poor wife.)


Please accept this as a “heads up” on the issue. One which you should investigate further.

It is a serious issue. It matters. And any SEO / web developer would absolutely want to address it