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Here are the other SEO services you can invest in for 2022 —

Google My Business:

  • I will get you set up and fill in your GMB profile;
  • Your GMB will be optimised for results!

Investment: £99

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Brand Launcher:

  • Press Release;
  • Citations Package;
  • Major Social Media accounts, claimed.

Price: £299

Note: to cement your website for future rankings it is wise to build citation links and claim the major social media platforms for your brand. This also helps your GMB listing because your website is linked to your GMB.

Google My Business — Managed By Me:

  • I will manage your GMB profile;
  • One post published per week;
  • Updates and on-going maintenance (including replying to reviews.)
  • No contract!

Price: £99 per month.

Full Service SEO

Hello! This service is for potential noble clients only 🙂

A few words:

SEO is an on-going effort unfolding month-by-month.

As such, consider the budget you allocate for this process in turn.

Also, remember there is a maturation time required for results…

SEO takes time! And therefore, a little work done often is better than a lot of work done once.

Ultimately you are buying my time —by the hour— to manage your SEO (PLUS my expertise of where to delegate a proportion of the budget to cover shrewd costs to maximise your investment.)

So, how much time do you want us to invest in your website?

Full SEO Service

  • Local, National, or Global SEO
  • 10 hours1 of SEO work per month;
  • Time is spent both on-site and off-site;
  • I do SEO, not guess-eo;
  • No contract!

Price: £749 per month.

1 Up to £249 of the £749 budget is utilised for shrewd costs of add-on services.

Shrewd Costs?

Effective SEO requires the careful application of external services if we are to maximise results.

For example, if there is some “grunt” work required to take your website to the next level, it is better to spend a proportion of your monthly budget to hire a less expensive worker to complete it, than use my hourly rate to do the same.

I have no interest in utilising your monthly budget poorly.