“I Take Care of SEO for Clients Who Are Sick and Tired of Going on the Merry-Go-Round of SEO”

It’s true. And I love it!

No gazing at the tea leaves here.

SEO Powered by Science

I prefer to act according to data.

And you will, too.

Who wouldn’t want data-driven SEO services to grow their business on Google, and keep doing so for the long term?


SEO, Not Guess-eo

There are endless opinions about what works. Most of which are parroted from one blog to another.

Well, let’s ignore opinion then, and let the data decide…


Safe, Effective, and Daringly Affordable

I focus on the following areas:

  1. Website Audit (to unearth what’s wrong and what can be improved);
  2. Speed (because it is a ranking factor and a users’ happiness factor…);
  3. On-Site & On-Page Optimisation (to fix what is broken, improve what is lacking, and add what is missing);

In that order.

I take care of SEO for clients who are sick and tired of going on the merry-go-round of SEO.

Price: £199 per month.

Hell Yeah!

National and Local SEO?

My SEO service is tailored to your requirements. Whether that is local SEO services or reaching a national audience (even Worldwide.)

Whatever makes sense for you, makes sense.


I operate from my small hometown in Mere to serve businesses throughout Wiltshire and the neighbouring counties, including the lovely city of Bath in Somerset and beyond (digital marketing is not dependent on location after all!)

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