How Do We Know What Works?

So here’s the thing…

I have more than 20 years of experience across the many facets of internet marketing, all self-taught.

And what is very obvious to anyone who’s been around as long as I have, is this:

SEO has gotten harder. Unquestionably so. Which in turn makes “getting results” in any way that is predictable, harder than ever before.

And already, this industry has a less than great reputation.

So, what’s going on?

Well, Google has made the job of “an SEO” deliberately tough. There’s a battle going on, and Google is the dominant force who have a lot of resources to help ensure the game plays the way they want it to (understatement.)

It is no wonder then why so many SEOs’ lack the confidence they once had, even just a year or so ago. And, it looks to get worse.

With each major Google update, the knowledge of what works in SEO shrinks. Which means the confusion grows. And, to complicate matters the popular blogs continue to teach out-dated and un-tested tactics.

About that? Learning “what works” from popular blogs and figureheads is dangerous because, in reality, there is mostly GUESS work coming from those sources, and a lot of parroting of said guesswork throughout the blogosphere.

I don’t recommend it.

The “Interesting” Times We Are Living In

For more than two decades now, I’ve been doing SEO and building websites and marketing them. From writing compelling copy to creating sales funnels for profit…

Yes. I’ve been a busy bee.

And yet, despite all those years and experience, that does not necessarily mean I’m 100% clued up on what’s working TODAY in SEO! (Gasp!)

Why? Because that’s impossible. Because the environment is always changing. Always! And so, what was working before is not guaranteed to work right now. And so, you have to be sensitive and alert for what has changed, or is changing…

It’s not about what “we” know worked last year, because the rate of change is now too fast in 2019 and beyond.

With my own eyes, I’ve seen some huge *changes* in SEO, especially the past ~18 months or so.

And, it’s clear now that much of the popular opinions and popular “do’s and don’ts” to get results… have never been more wrong.

So, what to do?

The Only Viable Option Left…

Effective SEO today requires careful “editing” of the sources of information you follow.


I simply don’t care for opinion any more.


Rather than listen to words (well-meaning or otherwise)… I operate exclusively according to data.

Which beats opinion every time.

The only way forward that makes any sense is to stop listening to opinions, and instead let the data from TESTING determine the tactics and strategies to use.

Not guesswork.

See, part of my job is keeping up to date with the most current —tested and proven— methods, so I —and my clients— have an edge over the competition.

Again, there’s no better way to know what works than through testing.

Forget opinion. Even MINE. Just test. And measure.

Because even what worked last month may not work today. Yes, really. So, you mustn’t let even your own opinion guide you…

Again. The only way to know is to test while understanding how to do so as the Google machine continues to move the goal posts… which they do. Believe me.

In Short…

When you hire me, you are actually hiring access to the results gleaned from the sum-total of my experience + my most recent data gathered from “websites in the wild.”

This is as near to “knowing what works” as any individual can get.

I don’t want to sell you my opinion

I want you to buy tested knowledge.

No more guess-eo.

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